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Under the freelancing identity of Bite Back Productions, Robin has been writing and producing media since 1988. She began as an arts critic, then took on weightier investigative pieces. In 1992, she began work at KUOW, Seattle's NPR station, after which she spent 8 years at NPR station around the country. Then came the Web, and Robin launched a multimedia career. She moved to San Francisco to take a job as Web Producer for KQED-FM. From there she went to the Exploratorium, where she rekindled her interest in science and spent a decade as a Writer, Project Producer, and Multimedia Specialist.


Recent media samples:

California Initiative to Advance Precision Medicine

for the Office of the Governor, State of California


Creating Neurons from Skin Cells to Understand Autism​


Press releases and company profiles for the Bay Area's leading biotech incubator.

The Pacific Flyway: Busier than 580 at Rush Hour

(click the tab "The Delta and the Pacific Flyway")


Cancer: Cells Behaving Badly

for the Exploratorium


Robin has garnered awards and grants for projects such as:

• PBS Website Initiative (for Working Stiff, a site about work)

• Documentary on refugee women for the Washington Humanities Commission

• Best Documentary Series award for 5-part radio series on biotechnology from WA Society of Professional Journalists

Bite Back Productions

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