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Explore science in the city

Walking Tours

Discovery Street offers one-of-a-kind walking tours exploring science on the streets of San Francisco. Tours last about 2.5 hours and are about 2 miles long. Each tour includes food, some just snacks and others a generous picnic. Food science tours also include shop visits. 


  • San Francisco Rocks: Seismic forces that shaped the city 

  • The Science of Tea: Reading the leaves of an ancient beverage

  • Invented in San Francisco: Science and creativity in a city of innovation

  • The Science in Your Step: The physiology of your pedestrian self

  • The Science of Bread and Cheese: Ancient foods, microscopic magic

  • Fermented Favorites: Choose from a menu of foods and adult beverages


Private tours available to groups of 6 or more. Call 415-663-6768 or write to inquire about private tours.

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