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Science Trivia

Robin has been playing the role of Trivia Mistress since 2006. It's a delight to host Science Trivia Night for Ask A Scientist and the Bay Area Science Festival each year. D-Street can also host a private trivia event, just for you! Want crazy questions about food science for your restaurant staff? Or looking for a fun science event for your students?


Discovery Street can tailor a trivia contest to your group, from pre-teens to professors. You can have 4 players, or 400. The only requirement is a sense of fun and curiousity. Oh, and a willingness to keep your devices in your pockets.


Contact Robin at or call 415-663-6768 to set up your own private trivia contest!


By the way, the answer is the speed of light, 300,000,000 m/s.

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