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Life Sciences
Earth/Environmental Science


Robin views science as a unique and rewarding way of seeing the world, and mentors learners not only as students of a particular subject, but as young thinkers. She takes an approach that uses real-life examples and draws on the interest of the individual student.

This approach comes from personal experience. In high school, Robin had an ambivalent relationship with chemistry (it's actually safe to say she hated it). Later, a college physiology course revealed to her the elegant chemistry of the human body,. Suddenly couldn't get enough of atoms and molecules. She eventually became a biochemist. Years later, she found herself at the Exploratorium, learning from some of the best science teachers in the world. She's been on a mission to share the science love ever since.

Robin is a proud member of the Bay Area Tutoring Summit, a group of the region's finest tutors, coaches, and college advisors. She has worked with students from schools across the Bay Area, including University High School, The Urban School, Scared Heart, Branson,  St. Ignatius, and The Bay School. 


To get on Robin's calendar for the 2017-18 year, email or call 415-663-6768.

Parent/student references available.

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